Dan Has Only One Plan

Dans Plan?

The plan is to suppress the virus as much as possible until a safe and effective vaccine becomes available. Which begs the question, what if a vaccine does not become available, and if it does, what restrictions will have to be lived with in the interim, and at what economic, personal, and social cost? How many more people will become seriously sick and some die for no good reason at all accept to satisfy the prestige, and not dent the ego or power of, some medical authorities and political leaders.

Both the Flu and Coronavirus are the same type of RNA viruses. Even if a vaccine becomes available one should plan for it to be no more effective than the Flu vaccines. 

Flu vaccines have proven beneficial but are not 100% effective and their effectiveness is age dependent (do not work well in the elderly, who are the most vulnerable to Covid19) and varies from flu season to flu season. As yet it hasn’t even been determined whether coronavirus is seasonal or not. It certainly isn’t temperature dependent.

Make the cure available now before more people get seriously ill and some die.

Lessons should be learned from the 1976 Spanish Flu scare.