Infections can be viral or bacterial. No one is deeply concerned with bacterial infection. Not only are there vaccinations against numerous bacterial infections (for example tuberculosis) there are also antibiotics to cure bacterial infections. Antibiotics can eliminate the bacterial infection in a matter of days. Sadly no such medicine is being widely prescribed to eliminate a Covid19 viral infection in a matter of days, though it is being subscribed by some practitioners with amazing results.

What is the treatment?

Bacteria are single cell living creatures, they eat, poop, and replicate. Viruses on the other do not eat or poop and cannot replicate by themselves. Instead they enter into our cells and hijack our own cells chemical machinery to make thousands of viruses which leave the cell and invade others.

Since the virus is inside our cells it is hard to destroy the virus without killing our cells! The virus though doesn’t actually need to be destroyed, all that is needed is to prevent it replicating without damaging our cell. Fortunately Zinc does this by blocking an enzyme that the virus needs to replicate its genetic code.

Zinc though cannot pass through our human cells membrane very easily and needs a helping hand to enter into the cell. The helping hand is provided by drugs and natural plant chemicals called Zinc Ionophores. The Ionophores open a pathway for the Zinc to enter the cell. That’s it the virus is rendered inactive.

Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, Quercetin, Doxycycline and examples of Zinc Ionophores. Are these drugs safe? Yes they are! In April the public were cleaning out toilet paper from the supermarkets. Not so doctors and other medical professionals, they were cleaning out Hydroxychloroquine from pharmacies. Don’t believe this, then read HERE! Please note hydroxychloroquine and other Zinc ionophores will hot cure the disease without Zinc. The ionophore is the gun and Zinc is the bullet!

Hydroxychloroquine was given to seriously ill patients in a USA aged care facility. The infected residents were treated before being hospitalised. The results were spectacular, the mortality rate was 11% (cure rate of 89%) and 85% were cured on average within 5 days (blood oxygen levels returned from average lows of 85% to 97% and fevers cleared). It should be noted that the Hydroxychloroquine was given without Zinc; but most patients were already taking Zinc supplementation, that’s why it worked!

We must demand that appropriate ionophores are made available for medical practitioners to prescribe as early as possible upon the onset of symptoms. Or at a minimum test the regimen to prove or disprove its efficacy and stop ignoring it.

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